Medical and Dental Office Planning & Design

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“Primary care” is explained in the context of recent technology and regulatory compliance issues influencing medical and dental office design, along with the special needs of more than 30 specialties. Many concepts are offered from sports medicine centers to ambulatory surgical facilities, from diagnostic imaging to breast care centers and from endoscopy to radiation oncology.

Readers will get familiar with medical and dental procedures. You get an “inside look” into each of these specialists’ offices. You’ll learn how things are executed and what kind of equipment is used. For example, you’ll see technology such as electronic medical records, digital diagnostic instruments, digital radiography — all have important implications for the design of these facilities. They have all radically altered medical and dental practices.

All is organized to make it easy and practical to use. Program tables go along with each medical and dental specialty to assist the planner/designer with the computations of the size and number of the needed rooms and total square footages needed for every practice.
Medical and Dental Office Planning
This reference is handy and can be help review client’s space planning.This reference helps to untangle the many compliance and regulatory code issues dictating in-office surgery.

Medical and Dental Space Planning

I recently had a chance to check out Medical and Dental Space Planning: A Comprehensive Guide to Design, Equipment, and Clinical Procedures. This is the new fourth edition of this big healthcare design book.

This reference book offers definitive and detailed overview of more than 30 medical and dental specialties. It covers their space planning requirements respectively, much like what was done recently at

It covers new specialties in the medical field. It includes LASIK eye surgery, larger ambulatory centers, breast care centers and oncology.

it medical officeIt also provides information that is up-to-date on digital medical records, digital imaging, networked communications and diagnostic instruments. It deals in-depth with the design of dental and medical facilities, for example at PacificDental. You will also learn about the latest changes in regulatory agency compliance for office-based surgery practices.

This 700-plus page book is the definitive reference guide on medical and dental facilities, space planning, etc. It has been the main reference book for decades.

If you are a designer or a practitioner, it will help you stay ahead of the many challenging developments that are changing today’s healthcare facilities and their practices.

This book details all the complexities involved in designing clinics like Pacific Dental Care & Fastbraces to navigate through the maze of compliance issues.

This indispensable guide, Medical and Dental Space Planning, goes through the details of what makes a dental or medical practice efficient and productive.